About Denver

Please check the link for more information about Denver http://www.denver.org/metro

For Beinu's families and friends accompany you to Denver but not participating our reunion, here are some suggestions:

 Hilton Hotel is right next to the 16th Mall and there are free shuttles going to different stops.  Please check the links below for more information.

On Saturday 6/28, go to Echo lake to explore the beautiful lake.http://visitidahospringscolorado.com/mount-evans/

There is a gift shop/restaurant next to the lake.  Try their trout from the lake and the freshly made pies. The price is very reasonable.  There is no need to drive up to Mount Evans, due to the high altitude above 14,000 feet (4268 meters).  They need to rent a car to get on to I-70 west bound to Idaho Springs where is very easy to find and it is the starting point to head toward Echo lake.  At 
Idaho Springs, try Beau Jo's pizza,http://www.beaujos.com/pizza-locations/

On Sunday 6/29, go to Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs for their national renown Sunday brunch. http://www.broadmoor.com/lake-terrace/ You need to make the reservation at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  The brunch is served from 9A to 1:30 P on Sundays.  It will take 1.5 hours to drive there from Denver. When you make the reservation, ask for direction of the dinning location, since Broadmoor is a resort.


After the brunch, visit the Garden of Gods and you may skip the Colorado Academy for time constraints.  In essence, it may be a good idea for your friends to stay in Denver till Monday departure.  

If you feel like to do things less adventurous, check out http://denver.org and http://denver.com