June 21, 2014

After 9 months of preparation, our 60th  birthday celebration is finally in our final count down!!  

Please check the weather forecast at  It will be pretty warm in Denver next Friday to Sunday.  The day time temperature is low 90s with 30% chance of scattered shower.  But the night time temperature is still around 60s.  The day time and night time temperature difference is huge, so make sure you pack your suit case accordingly.

Here are some suggestions:

- dress in layers 
- comfortable walking shoes
- a light jacket
- sunglasses, sun screen lotion, hat
- umbrella

We will provide two bottles of water per person on Saturday's tour,  and one for Sunday tour.  You may consider bringing your own water bottle if that is not enough for you. 

Please check this website for the latest information (  We have some useful information about how to prevent high altitude sickness under "Health Care",  about airport transportation under "Transportation" and hotel information under "Hotel Info".  

So far I have 18 people signed up for the Brown Palace on Sunday 6/29 3PM.  Here is the list:

H04江  琇1
H18徐  萊1
If you told Peggy that you would like to join the tour but your name is not listed, please email Peggy  The maximal capacity for a private tour is 20, so we can still take two more.

If you have any last minute questions, please don't hesitate to ask.   

Have a safe trip, and see you all in Denver on 6/27/14!!!

Peggy Li
on behalf of 六十歲慶生重聚籌備會

June 10, 2014

Last minutes reminders  

1.  The latest attendant list with the flight information and contact information was emailed to you.  If you need to find some one to share a taxi ride or a limo ride from the airport to the hotel or vice versa,   it is time to pick up your phone and make arrangement!

2.  If you already sent us the emergency contact names/phones, thank you very much.  If you haven't done so,  please email them to Peggy Li ASAP.  We certainly hope that we don't need to use any of these information, but it is better be safe and prepared.


2.  The reunion agenda from 6/27 to 6/29 can be found at The registration desk at the hotel will be open from 2 PM to 6 PM, Friday 6/27.  Please get your name tag and gift bag at the registration desk.  The attendant list and the agenda will be included in the registration package, so you don't need to bring a copy.  If you arrive after 6 PM,  please get your name tag and package at the Hotel Check-in desk.  Lucy's cell phone and my cell phone number are listed at the bottom of the agenda.  If you have any question,  you know who to call.

3.  The Friday dinner starts at 6 PM.  The appetizer will be served at 6 and the dinner starts at 7 PM.  We will assemble at the lobby around 5:50 PM and walk to the restaurant together.  If you arrive late, please go to the restaurant directly. 

4.  The Saturday breakfast voucher is in the back of your name tag pocket.  The breakfast time is 7 AM to 10 AM at the PI restaurant, first floor.  The bus leaves at 9 AM sharp, so please finish your breakfast early and gather at lobby around 8:45 AM.  It is a whole day tour, make sure you bring a wind-proof light jacket, hat, sunglasses, sun screen, and wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes.  We will prepare one bottle of drinking water for everybody on the bus, feel free to bring some snack or candy.

5.  Our Sunday tour starts at 8:30 AM, the Sunday breakfast is not included, but you should have received the $10 coupon for the buffet breakfast at the PI restaurant when you check in. It means that you pay $10 all-inclusive breakfast, instead of the regular $17.   If you are leaving on Sunday, make sure you check out in the morning.  Yon can store your luggage at a reserved room on the 5th floor near the banquet buffet serving area. The room number will be announced on Saturday.

6.  The Sunday tour will adjourn at the hotel around 1:30 PM.  It takes about 40 minutes to ride from the hotel back to the airport.  If you have an early afternoon departure, make sure you make transportation arrangement in advance.  Again a fixed rate taxi for four people (it will be $51+ tip from the hotel) is still the best deal and the easiest solution for most of us.

7.  For people who leave on Sunday evening or Monday,  Lucy suggested several good restaurants in Downtown Denver:


  a. Casa Bonita - a fun and very unique Mexican restaurant with indoor diving shows. The dinner cost is about $16-$17 per person and it is about 13 minutes ride from Hilton.  It is best to take a taxi to get there.

  b. Cheesecake Factory -, about 0.6 miles from the hotel, 12 minute walking distance

  c.  There are several restaurants along the Larimer Street as well as in Larimer Square :  The Square is about 0.5 miles from the hotel or 10 minute walking distance.

As always, if you have any questions about the reunion, don't hesitate to contact us.  Wish you all a safe trip to Denver and see you soon!

Peggy Li

on behalf of 六十歲慶生重聚籌備會

May 07, 2014

Our registration is now complete and we have 133 attendants to the Denver reunion.  It is time to think about the trip and the reunion activities.  

There are a few actions for you to take in the preparation for the reunion:

1)           As a precaution step, we would like to collect  two emergency contacts from each attendant.  Please fill out the following form and send it to


First and Last name










2)           Please bring along your health insurance card.


3)           The elevation of the destinations you will visit including the city and county of Denver (5,280 ft. = 1,609 meters), Garden of Gods (6,280 ft. = 1,884 meters Colorado Springs), Lake Dillon (9,000 ft. =2,743 meters) and Echo Lake (10,600 ft. = 3,230 meters, this is a side trip, see #6).  If you have a history of heart problem, please consult with your doctor for advisement.


4)           Please review a short summary to cope with high altitude symptoms via the link -

                In essence, high carb such as candies and orange juice usually alleviate potential symptoms.


5)          We will have karaoke and dance after Saturday's dinner.  If you would like to sing,  please send us the name of the song by 5/31.  

6)          For before and after reunion activities, here are a few website for your reference:, , etc.  There are a few classmates who will participate in a bus tour to Echo Lake on 6/26 (  The discount price is $90 per person.  If you arrive early and would also like to join,  please email me and let me know.  Denver and Rocking Mountain are one of the most beautiful regions of the country.  If you want to arrive early or stay longer after the reunion, there are plenty to do and lots to see. 

We will have more information regarding the reunion when the time is getting closer.  For latest attendance list please click, if I missed your update again,  sorry about that and don't give up on me,  send it again and I promise I will eventually get it :)

Peggy Li
on behalf of 六十歲慶生重聚籌備會 

April 25, 2014

大家好!  再一個禮拜就是我們重聚報名截止,我們現在有130人報名。所以如果妳還在考慮,請把握這最後機會,趕快把報名表和報名費寄來。

此外,重聚籌備會非常感謝 DC35 周年重聚籌備會周民享將波士頓重聚的餘款$950及DC 重聚的餘款 $711.81 (總數為 $1,661.81)寄給我們,以補助六十歲慶生重聚同學會的活動。我們打算用這備款項為參加重聚的同學準備一件精美的紀念品。

還有,感謝許多同學為我們的 Slide Show 提供照片,如果妳有
高中的舊照和過去同學聚會的照片 email 給

在此先預祝大家母親節快樂,再過 63 天,我們丹佛見!

籌備會 謹上

March 19, 2014

大家好,時間過得真快,今天距離我們丹佛重聚剛好整整一百天,離報名截止日期則只剩十天了。截至目前為止,我們已有113人報名繳費,有些同學因故退出,因此 RSVP 的同學減為141人。我們知道有些同學還需要一些時間考慮,所以籌備會決定把報名時間延長至 4/30.  我們還有至少十個名額,希望還沒有報名的同學抓緊時間,趕快報名!

和班成秀宜要為我們的重聚做一個 slide show.  希望大家提供高中的舊照和過去同學聚會的照片, 凡是各班重聚或是地區性重聚,我們都歡迎。我準備了一個 dropbox share folder.  如果你有 dropbox account, 請 email 給我你的 account address (i.e. the email address you use to sign in), 我會邀請你加入我的 share folder, 這樣,你就可以直接把照片 copy over.  如果你不願意用 dropbox, 請把照片 email 給

如妳有任何問題,請隨時 email 給我們。如妳需任何協助,我們都會儘量幫忙。有關重聚的最新消息,請隨時查訊我們的網站

六十歲慶生重聚籌備會 謹上

March 05, 2014

Meet at Denver airport when arriving on the same date but different flights/airlines:  In order not to miss each other at the airport, DIA (Denver International Airport), after you get off the train and take the escalator to a big hall.  You may meet up at CofTea Shop under the sign of ‘Market Place’ next to a floral shop.  It is on the same floor with the big hall.  You can see it.


The concourse and airline list is in the following link,

Feb 24, 2014

大家好!  一晃眼,二月分只剩不到一個禮拜了。離我們丹佛重聚只剩 123 天,離我們報名截止日期也只有一個月了。 截至目前為止,我們已有81人報名繳費,149 人登記參加。最新的報名名單可在我們的網站上查訊

如妳尚未寄出報名表,請盡早寄出,如妳沒有登記,但仍想參加,請先 email or forkochang@yahoo.com確定有名額後再寄報名表。


星期五晚餐訂在 Maggiano's, 500 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202, 6PM-9PM, A five minute walk from the Hilton hotel.  It is a plated dinner served in family style, including vegetarian options.  The appetizers are served in buffet style.

星期六旅館的自助早餐包含在報名費中, 周日早餐需自理,但旅館提供$10 早餐減價卷。(7AM1030AM,  PI Restaurant, note that on Saturday, the bus departure time for the outing is 9:00AM). When checking in the hotel, we will receive a voucher for the breakfast on Saturday, 6/28.  Present the voucher to the server for breakfast.  The hotel will also provide us breakfast buffet coupons for Friday and Sunday which is charged for $10, gratuity and tax included.  There is a Dazbog Coffee shop and a food pantry machine at the main floor as options for light breakfast as well.


3. 為配合東部同學的飛機時間(下午三點多),星期天的半日遊將提早於下午一時回到旅館。

有些同學有興趣在重聚之前或之後在 Denver 多留幾天附近玩玩,如有同學也想結伴同遊,請 email 給我,我可以從中牽線,也可提供附近旅遊資訊。

如妳有任何問題,請隨時 email 給我們。如妳需任何協助,我們都會儘量幫忙。

六十歲慶生重聚籌備會 謹上。

Jan 22, 2014

Hotel updates

For classmates who will arrive early on 6/25, Hilton will offer a discount rate of $159.00.  6/26 through 6/29 will be at group rate of $119.  Hilton added 7 more doubles rooms max and 8 rooms with king size bed including a queen sized sleeper sofas. After rooms are booked, Hilton will only be able to add the kings with sleeper sofas due to availability.

Jan 15, 2014



離我們三月底報名截止還有兩個多月,我們已經有 147人 RSVP, 其中 59 人已報名繳費。等達到 150人,如果還有同學希望參加只能暫時放在候補名單,如有人退出,才能依序遞補,希望大家見諒。如有同學已 RSVP,但不克參加,也請儘早通知。 同時,張秀鈺收到的支票,將於3/31一並存入銀行。

非常謝謝和班成秀宜為我們做了一個新網站,雖然還沒有完工,但大部分資訊已登錄,六十慶生重聚的報名表,行程表和參加名單都在網上,我們會隨時更新最新資料。最新的參加名單列在 /
六十重聚網址/“Attendance" 網頁。

我們希望把這網站做為我們北一女1972級的永久網站,除了我們重聚的消息和照片外,也希望加入一些我們關心和有興趣的話題。同學可以借這個園地交換意見,聯絡感情。希望大家有空上去流覽一番,提供一些寶貴的意見,如何改進及加強網站的內容。如有建議,請 email and  

同學們如決定參加同學會,但尚未通知我們,請盡速電郵告知張秀 (至遲 3/31 我們就可以知道能否補上。