Meet at Denver airport when arriving on the same date but different flights/airlines:  In order not to miss each other at the airport, DIA (Denver International Airport), after you get off the train and take the escalator to a big hall.  You may meet up at CofTea Shop under the sign of ‘Market Place’ next to a floral shop.  It is on the same floor with the big hall.  You can see it.


The concourse and airline list is in the following link,

June 10, 2014 Updates
The 3rd cab company, Freedom cabs which offers a rate lower than the white and yellow cabs, i.e. $2 to begin with and $2 per mile as opposed to the other two with $2.6 to begin with and $2.25 per mile.  From the DIA to Downtown Denver rate is the same among all three cab companies. 

May 26, 2014 Updates

There are various transportation services from Denver Airport to the Hilton Garden Inn.  If you have 4 people in your group,  the easiest way is to catch a taxi.  Most of the taxi company offers flat rate ($51+$4.15 airport access fee) to the hotel.  Please see below for the detailed information and be sure to ask the driver the price when you get on the taxi.  

If you have a bigger group (5+ up to 10), you might consider reserve a bigger limo. But, the price per person should be similar ($15 to $20 per person).

Taxi:  (4 people maximum)
Flat rate $51 + $4.15 airport access fee 
offered by:  Yellow Cab (yellow color),  Freedom Cab (purple color) and Union Taxi (orange color). (NOTE:  Metro Taxi (white) does not have flat rate from airport to downtown, make sure you don't get on that one)
Yellow Cab has additional charge for passengers:  $1 per person.  The taxi pickup location is Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Island 1, outside Doors 507 through 511 (Terminal East) and Doors 506 through 510 (Terminal West).

More information:

Super Shuttle:
$24 one way per person.  Online booking $22.  Tip is extra (10-20%).  Because the super shuttle may make more stops to pick up other passengers,  the total time to get to the hotel may be much longer than the taxi time.

Limo Service:
A active limousine303-523-3490 --5 people $75 , 10 people w carry-on only, $129 (20% tip extra)
Colorado Limo: 720-339-751  5 people $75 , tips extra
Total Transportation specialists : 303-717-6490,  $95 for up to 6 people , 20%tip extra
007 Airport limousine Denver303-523-5553.  $85 for 5 people, 20% tip extra.
The flat rate for taxi from the hotel back to the airport is $51 (no airport access fee).  Therefore, it is probably the easiest for people to get back to the airport on 6/29 and 6/30. 

Colorado is located on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. It is a major airline hub in the North America. Denver’s average altitude is around 1,600 meters, a well acclaimed summer resort. It is a good idea to bring along a light weight windbreaker jacket with you.

There is a daily direct flight between Tokyo and Denver (United Airlines). There are frequent non-stop flights going to Denver from the major cities on both the US west and east coasts. The flights are operated by all the major airline companies, including United, Southwest, Delta, etc.. The distance from the Denver International Airport to the hotel is 27 miles. You can take a super shuttle at $22/person ( or a taxi for about $58. For those from outside of US, our California and east coast regional contact persons will be happy to provide assistance in flight connection or transit accommodation.